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Dreamhack Montreal

DreamHack Montreal is now over and it is definitely one for the books. Cosolix competed in singles and doubles where he reminded us why he is one of the game’s best.  Cosolix focus was first set in doubles where he teamed up with Wild Card’s Wrenchd. The...

Apex: Preseason Invitational

We have a huge weekend to look forward to. Our boys are heading to Poland! Ray Reign, Brent Royale, and Azzybear have been invited to Kraków, Poland to compete in the Apex Legends Invitational! So pack your bags, and start practicing your Polish, you will need it to...

SSBM & Brawlhalla News

Brawlhalla Summer Championship 8/27-8/28 Online Cosolix competed in singles and doubles at this online event. In singles, he took 17th out of 976. In doubles, he competed with Wildcard Gaming’s wrenchd and they placed 13th over all out of 196 teams.  Super Summer...

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At our core, we aspire to make a name for ourselves as a significant brand and organization within the esports realm, building a competitive infrastructure on which to develop a solid fan base and acquire the best talent.

We support the growth and development of our players both physically and mentally, sculpting well-rounded players and champions in order to be a well respected organization in the industry.

We take pride in cultivating a nondiscriminatory, respectful community where anyone and everyone is welcomed. Above all else, we value people as unique individuals and we take action based on that, pursuing mindful connections and giving back to the community whenever possible.

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