\ Welcome RoseASMR | Halocline

We’re thrilled to welcome RoseASMR to the Halocline fam! Rose creates ASMR videos to help those struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep-related issues. In her own words, Rose defines ASMR as “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is a big word for some warm tingling feelings you get in the back of your head and down your spine which helps people relax and eventually fall asleep.” Her entire platform revolves around promoting positivity and helping people relax.

Halocline is focused on more than just gaming – we want to take a more laidback approach to the whole concept of what an esports organization is at its core, and we hope that by working with such positive, compassionate people as Rose, we can help people and give back to the community. Please give a warm, warm welcome to Rose as she joins our ever-growing family, and don’t forget to follow her on social media!