\ NPLC Phase Two | Halocline

The PUBG team is fired up and ready to compete in National PUBG League Contenders (NPLC) starting May 7th for Phase 2. The team has been scrimmaging 5 days a week preparing for this new phase and have been dominating the fields of Erangel and Miramar. Outside of scrims the guys have been competing in various competitions individually to hone in their individual skills.




May 7Week 1 NPLC – 5PM PST (4 Matches)
May 14Week 2 NPLC – 5PM PST (4 Matches)
May 25-26NPL Royale – 2PM PST (8 + 6 Matches)
June 4Week 3 NPLC – 5PM PST (4 Matches)
June 11Week 4 NPLC – 5PM PST (4 Matches)
June 15-16NPLC Relegation – 2PM PST (6 Matches)




All games can be watched through: https://www.twitch.tv/playbattlegrounds