\ May at Halocline | Halocline

May has been an eventful month for everyone at Halocline. We started off the month with Littlefoot and Zodyak competing in the Boss Girl Tournament where they placed 4th out of 45 teams. KJH then smashed through the competition at the Super Smash Bros Melee KING tournament placing 2nd. Then, on May 9th we announced our new NA Apex team which consist of AzzyBear, BrentRoyale, and RayReign. McGuigan then went on and placed 2nd at Worlds Gaming’s MLB: The Show tournament.

The second half of the month consisted of more tournaments and a new announcement. At Get On My Level, S2J took 1st in Melee Doubles. He also placed 9th in Melee Singles alongside KJH who placed 17th. On May 21 we announced the departure of our EU Apex team who are onto new ventures. During this month we also started our campaign with Mental Health America. With this collaboration, we are continuing our journey in providing the best development possible for our players in both physical and mental aspects. To conclude the month of May our PUBG team fought their way to 6th in the NPL Royale, in which they were not only rewarded with prize money but also the confidence to finish strong Phase 2 of NPL Contenders. During the month of May, we were able to expand and improve and we look forward to what is to come in the upcoming months.