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Smash News

Our SSBM boys have been busy the past few weeks and a lot of growth has occurred. Smash n Splash 5/31 – 6/2 was in Wisconsin where both S2J and KJH competed. S2J was able to finish 2nd in melee doubles but fell short in melee singles, placing 17th. KJH was able to push a little further and placed 9th overall in melee singles.

The Kid, The Goat and The Mang0 6/8 – 6/9 was in California where both S2J and KJH also competed. KJH was able to again place 9th overall in melee singles and S2J took his loss from the previous tournament and rose from the ashes like a phoenix to take 1st overall in melee singles. Smash Summit 9 6/13-6/16 also was in California where S2J competed in several events. S2J and his teammate C9 Mang0 took 1st overall in melee doubles. However, S2J’s melee singles run placed him in 13th out of 32 competitors. Failure comes with growth and we look forward to the growth these two individuals have to show us.


Phase 2 During Phase 2 of NPL Contenders, the PUBG team finished in 15th place overall which placed them in NPLC relegations. They then competed in NPLC Relegations 6/15 and 6/16 where they placed 11th overall. This dropped the team out of NPLC and they will have to wait past Phase 3 to try and requalify in opens to make it to NPLC. This has been a difficult failure to swallow, being that the team was the one to help spark the organization. The boys will be continuing to grind their way back to the top. They send lots of love to everyone who has been supporting us since day 1.