\ Post Poland: Apex Legends | Halocline

This past weekend we witness a great performance from our Apex Legends team at the Apex Invitational in Kraków, Poland. Ray Reign, Brent Royale, and Azzybear demonstrated why they were rightfully invited to participate in this invitational.

In winners round one, the team earned a total of thirteen points. This came from a 4th and 7th place finish as well as a total of six eliminations. This was enough to place us within the top ten of group C which advanced us into winners round two. We accumulated a total of eight points in winners round two which placed us 16th in the standings and sent us to losers round two. After getting sent to the losers bracket Ray Reign, Brent Royale, and Azzybear knew it was time to make a statement and bounce back. They then proceeded to finish round one in 1st place accumulating a total of twenty-four points (Twitch Clip). After the three rounds, we were placed 2nd in the standings continuing on to losers round three.  After three tough rounds in losers round three, we had five points accumulated which placed us 39th in the standings ending our run at the Apex Invitational.

With the preseason coming to a close, we are excited for what is to come. Make sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss any of their future matches!