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ASMR Shanny

Shannon Sly

Shannon “ASMR Shanny” Sly from Michigan received her degree in radio broadcasting. She has always dreamed of making a career through audio and broadcasting and ASMR paved that path for her. She utilized ASMR for her own mental health to help battle anxiety and insomnia. So, it was easy for her put passion and dedication behind her work. Beyond soothing our ears and calming out minds, she enjoys the outdoors and embracing all that nature has to offer.

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LunaEclipse ASMR

Luna Octavious

Luna “LunaEclipse ASMR” Octavious from New York took Graphic design for 2 years in high school and really loved that line of work. She started listening to ASMR back in 2013 and she was inspired to make a channel in 2015. She’s usually drawing, adventuring, playing video games or petting animals when she’s not making videos.

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ASMR Kitten

Caitlin Scorner

Caitlin “ASMRKitten” Scorner is a content creator from Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up, Caitlin was passionate about photography, the arts, and video games. Throughout high school Caitlin would turn to ASMR content to calm her down, and help remedy her anxiety. At the age of 17, Caitlin joined YouTube and combined her love for creating and ASMR into one. When she’s not busy creating, Caitlin can be found playing video games, enjoying a delicious coffee, or working with kids.

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Lilibette ASMR

Elizabeth Parrish

Elizabeth “Lilibette” Parrish from Georgia began her ASMR journey in the summer of 2017. Lilibette discovered ASMR in 2010 and has been using it ever since to help her grow personally as a person. However, Lilibette felt she could grow more and impact other by creating her own content. Through studying theater in school, Lilibette has been able to combine roleplay and ASMR to give viewer the ultimate experience. Lilibette has always wanted to act and do theater and ASMR has giving her the opportunity to live out her childhood dream and help others while doing so.

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